Striped Bass

Trophy Season begins May 1 and runs through May 15 where we are allowed to keep one fish over a yearly determined length, (currently 35 inches).  May 16 through June 16 is a very popular time for the Striped Bass when we can keep two fish over 20 inches.  Often we catch and release numerous fish while working toward our daily catch limit.  This is an excellent time for lots of action.  If you miss out on the Spring/early Summer season we will fish for these same sized fish again in the fall from late October through December 31.  This is also an excellent time to see a few extra big fish as they often feed heavily during the fall migration.

Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel

The Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel come up the Bay during the summer months when the water is the warmest.  July usually marks the beginning of our Mackerel catches with late July through the entire month of August being the overall best month to catch the most.  Often we have days in August where we will catch over 100 Mackerel plus a limit of Bluefish.  If you are looking for big numbers with lots of action, mid-July through August is the time to plan your trip with us.


Our most popular time targeting these fish is from June 17 through the end of July, however we often continue to target and catch them well into August.  This is one of the most exciting fish we catch as they are sometimes over 60 inches in length.  Although they are such a large fish they are also one of the mildest eating fish that taste great however you chose to cook them.  As many anglers travel the east coast from Maryland to Florida in hopes of landing one of these hard fighting beasts, we are truly lucky to have them right in our backyard for a few months of the year.  This is a true Trophy hunt when targeting them as currently they must be over 40 inches to be considered a keeper.

Red Drum

Schools of big Red Drum travel the Chesapeake Bay during the summer months and are considered a highly prized game fish sought after by anglers around the country.  The best time to catch one of these giants is from July through August.  Most of the Red Drum we catch must be released as you are only allowed to keep them between 18 and 25 inches.  The majority of the ones we catch are all over 35 inches.  Often we will catch one over 46 inches which qualifies for a Virginia release citation.